About Us

Teenage Mothers and Girls Development group is an organization working for the rescue, rehabilitation and economic empowerment of teenage mothers and girls in Western Kenya.

Started in 1992 by Philomena Mashaka, TEMAK has provided vocational training for many young women who had found themselves in desperate situations with limited futures. It is a true labor of love that drives Philomena to enable young women and their families to find sustainable livelihoods and live a safe and happy home life.

The City of Hope is a center where training, rehabilitation, and economic empowerment for adolescent girls is conducted in order to improve the opportunities of teenage mothers. Income generating activities are initiated for the girls in order to uplift their living standards.

Our programmes focus on helping solve the problems of HIV/AIDS infected children, their parents (often teenage girls who are single), orphans, the poor, and the destitute of the community.

Vocational training includes tailoring, computer literacy, hairdressing, catering, and other occupations that enable young women to thrive as entrepreneurs or integrate into other businesses.