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Your donations are the lifeblood of TEMAK. Everything we do is thanks to your generosity. During the COVID19 outbreak your donation will be used to fund our face mask “City of Hope Mask” project. Every $25 will fund the production (by young women who finished TEMAK training and are supporting themselves and their families), the distribution of 25 masks and food to some of the poorest areas of Kenya , and education in how to stay safe.

Donations will appear on your statement as “City of Hope.”

Providing 100,000 Free Face Mask to Kenyans

Programmes & Services

Special Projects

Our Stay Safe Mask Project is just one example of a special project with a goal of providing 100,000 free masks to vulnerable Kenyans, while training and proving income to young women and single mothers.

Fantastic Facilities

We are proud of our City of Hope facility in Kisumu, Kenya. Where young mothers receive vocational training, spiritual guidance and support.

Vocational Training

We believe in equipping young women and single mothers with the skills they need to sustain an empowered life. Our training programs include seamstress skills, hair dressing and computer literacy.

What Your Donation Means!

A $25 Donation

Provides 25 Face Masks to Kenyans living in slums. ― Living conditions in slums such as Obunga and Nyawita in Western Kenya are perfect breeding grounds for COVID19. Masks are the only protection, however, they are neither available or affordable.

Recurring Donation

TEMAK has been providing services to support the community for more than 25 years. Your recurring donation will enable the organization to continue its work of helping lift young women in these communities as well as their families from a life of poverty and hopelessness.

Thank You for helping TEMAK Produce & Distribute Free Masks